Skyrocket your Book sales with your very own iQ My Voice!

Power up your books sales with your voice using the iQ My Voice with Ai powered cloned voice. It automates narrating Audiobooks in your own voice which saves you several days, and thousands of dollars!
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Listen to a sample of the B.O.S.S Moves Book by Myron Golden's iQ My Voice.

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BOSS Moves Book Excerpt

I dreaded even thinking about sitting down for 5 to 7 days reading my book and getting it to sound right. My iQ My Voice made it so simple. I have done two of my books now. Since I charge $40,000 per hour for my 1 on 1 coaching, this has saved me over 6 figures of my time that I can now spend with clients.

Myron Golden | Premium Offer Coach
This is how much Scribe charges and it is not even in your own voice!
Save money

Save the high price and hassle of creating your Audiobook!

Why pay the high price of getting your Audiobook done by a company where you are just a product and lose distribution control?

Effective book reading

High-Fidelity Audiobooks In Your Own Voice!

Most Authors do not have an audio version of your book. iQ My Voice Cloned voice now makes it a breeze.
woman holding BOSS Moves book
automate your growth

Automate 100% of your Audiobook creation!

Imagine being able to create your Audiobook with the click of a few buttons! Something that used to take days and days of your time, now being done with only a few minutes of your time?

Andrew Anderson
With the cloned voice, I can always have my Audiobooks ready at the same time I publish my book! Easy Money and I reach a much larger audience!

Andrew Anderson |

Effective book reading

How about having Myron Golden Narrate You Book?

Let’s face it, some of us do not like the sound of our own voice. We get it, in that case have Myron Golden Narrate your book for you.

Normal Price $2,497!
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automate your growth

Let your iQ My Voice and our editors do the all the work!

Our human audio editors will work with your iQ My Voice to produce your high quality Audiobook fast and pain free.

Start creating content

Easy 3-click Audiobook creation

Login to your iQ Profile, and start creating your book in under 5 minutes! Every day you do not have your Audiobook you are losing money!

Here is what is needed to get your iQ My Voice Audiobook

  • Send us 2.5 to 4 hours of good clean audio this can be audio or video files.
  • The text of your book.
  • That is all you need to do – we do the rest.
  • We typically deliver your audiobook in about  7 days.

Have Myron Golden's Narrate your book!

  • Myron is a widely recognized authoritative voice giving your book the power to inform and compel them to purchase your products.
  • Your audiobook can be started in just one day!
  • Have a well known voice of an expert narrate your book!

How does it work?

Send us 2.5 to 4 hours of good audio in video or audio formats to Clone your voice. It is now $1,997 to clone your voice and produce your audiobook.


If you want to use Myron Golden’s voice, it is just now $1,997 for each book SAVE $500. You merely maintain your membership with our Ai Toolbox at only $197 per month to maintain rights to all of your books and keep your cloned voice live on the servers. You get 2 active license to which can help you write your next book in under 1 hour! Plus it can help you create content for all of your social media, videos and more 20x faster!

Order Now for Only $1,497

Take Advantage of This Special Offer! Normally $2,497 - Save $1,000

Get your Ai Cloned Voice and your first book for just $1,497!
This is a limited offer! Take Advantage and Order Now!

Want more audio in your cloned voice? How about your Podcast, YouTube,TikTok videos, or FB Reels narration?

Once your voice is cloned, you can get your cloned voice to read the script you send us. You can have your podcast or education video done using your cloned voice. This makes content creation a breeze! Use your Tool Box writer to write your world-class content and then have your cloned voice read it for your Podcast, TikTok, FB Reels, YouTube Videos, and YouTube Shorts. Hit the easy content creation button with today!
Packages as low as $1.55 per minute
Still have questions? Here are some answers


What is the process to clone my voice ?

It is very simple. You send us 3 to 4 hours of decent quality audio. It can be in audio or video format.

We can usually have it completed in 1 Business day.

We will then send you a few minute sample for your approval.

After my voice is cloned, what is next step to get my book in auido format ?

To get your book in audio format, send us a complete copy of your book in either Word, Google Docs, or PDF format.

Then our editors will work together with your iQAi Cloned voice to produce your book. You can typically have your audio book ready in 7 Business days or less.

What is DRM and why don't you reccomend it ?

The Downside of DRM: Why Book Publishers Should Rethink Digital Rights Management

Introduction: In the digital age, the publishing industry has undergone a significant transformation. With the advent of e-books and online platforms, publishers face the challenge of protecting their intellectual property while ensuring accessibility for readers. Digital Rights Management (DRM) has emerged as a popular solution, allowing publishers to control and restrict the usage of their digital content. However, DRM comes with its own set of drawbacks. This article explores why DRM may not be a good idea for book publishers and highlights five key benefits of embracing a DRM-free approach.

  1. Enhanced User Experience: DRM-free books provide readers with a seamless and unrestricted reading experience. By removing the DRM barriers, publishers allow readers to enjoy their purchased books on any device or platform of their choice. This flexibility enhances user satisfaction and encourages readers to engage more deeply with the content. Readers can access their e-books without worrying about compatibility issues or restrictive usage rights, fostering a positive relationship between publishers and their audience.
  2. Increased Accessibility: Digital content should be accessible to all, regardless of the devices they own or the platforms they prefer. DRM-free publishing ensures accessibility for readers with different devices or reading apps, including e-readers, tablets, smartphones, or dedicated reading software. Removing DRM eliminates compatibility restrictions and empowers readers to access e-books according to their preferences. This inclusivity expands the potential audience for publishers and fosters a broader reading culture.
  3. Preservation of Intellectual Freedom: DRM raises concerns about the erosion of intellectual freedom. Restrictive measures, such as limiting the number of devices an e-book can be accessed on or imposing expiration dates, hinder readers’ ability to fully own and control their purchased content. Embracing a DRM-free approach respects readers’ rights and preserves the principles of intellectual freedom, allowing them to truly own the books they purchase.
  4. Enhanced Market Reach: By opting for a DRM-free strategy, publishers can tap into wider distribution channels and reach new audiences. DRM-free e-books can be sold through multiple platforms, independent bookstores, and even directly from publishers’ websites. Removing DRM encourages collaboration and partnerships, enabling publishers to explore new marketing opportunities and expand their reach beyond traditional outlets. This broader market access can result in increased sales and exposure for both established and emerging authors.
  5. Mitigated Piracy Concerns: Paradoxically, DRM can often motivate piracy rather than prevent it. Some readers may resort to unauthorized sharing or illegal downloads in response to the restrictions imposed by DRM. By eliminating DRM, publishers can reduce the incentive for piracy. Offering high-quality, reasonably priced e-books without cumbersome DRM restrictions helps foster a culture of respect for intellectual property and encourages readers to support authors and publishers through legitimate channels.


While DRM may initially seem like a logical way for book publishers to protect their digital content, it comes with several disadvantages. Embracing a DRM-free approach can enhance user experience, increase accessibility, preserve intellectual freedom, expand market reach, and mitigate piracy concerns. By placing trust in readers and empowering them to enjoy their purchased e-books freely, publishers can forge stronger relationships with their audience and contribute to the growth and sustainability of the publishing industry in the digital era.

Publishers that require DRM can literally hold you hostage and not allow you to use the narrated audio of your book!

At we will never hold your content hostage!

Can I change out chapters later if I have an update ?

Of course you can! For a nominal fee, we can record a new chapter for you or replace and existing one.

This is actually a great way to keep your book updated and relevant!

If I want to use Myron Golden's Ai Cloned voice, does it really only costs $1,997 ?

Yes! You can send us your book text and upon approval, you can have Myron Golden narrate your Audio Book. The only other investment is $197 per month to keep your licensed audio copy active.

For that though, you also get access to You get 4 seats so that you and  your team can use it. It is our amazing Ai Platform and training that allows you to create content in seconds that used to take hours or days.  This includes articles, sales copy for landing pages, funnels, blogs, podcasts, videos and more. You can also produce customized pictures, and we will be even adding videos.

The book must not contain any profanity and be approved first. Easy right?!

Can I use my cloned voice for Podcasts and Videos?

Yes! You can use your cloned voice for podcasts and video scripts!

Imagine having write your 10 podcasts and videos in a matter of minutes and then having your cloned voice read those scripts for you? You can get a months worth of great content done in less than an hour!